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Drawings over land, on water, and in the air by Jeremy Wood

Guinness World Record
Halloween GPS Drawing

WALKING WITH SATELLITES or: How to Draw with Billions of Dollars of Space Technology for Personal Cartography
3rd– 6th November 2014
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada
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WALK ON 40 years of Art Walking
19th September– 12th December 2014
Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth Art Centre, Peninsula Arts,
University of Plymouth and Plymouth College of Art, England

Walk On- Image © Quintin Lake Photography

Steeped in the tradition of landscape art, walking has been at the heart of many art practices and performances for decades now. This exhibition, focusing on artists’ walks and journeys both literal and metaphorical, is the first to examine the astonishingly varied ways in which artists since the late 1960s have used what would seem like a universal act – of taking a walk – as a means to create new types of art.

An Art Circuit Touring Exhibition, supported by ACE and LEADER




Traverse Me


13 Years of Mowing

GPS Drawing
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