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2015 Outpost Gallery Checkered History, New York
2015 CCCB Sebald Variations, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Peninsula Arts Walk On, Plymouth, UK (Travelling)
2014 The Atkinson Walk On, Southport, UK (Travelling)
2014 Parc culturel de Rentilly Alpha Beta Carta, Paris
2014 MAC Walk On, Birmingham, UK (Travelling)
2013 Marseille-Provence 2013 (MP2013) Échelle 1:1 - The Fold of the Map Istres, France
2013 NGCA Walk On Sunderland, UK (Travelling)
2013 6x6/36 I Wish You Were Here! - Paysage/Landscape, QR code book/exhibition by NUNC, France
2013 Pitzhanger Manor-House Gallery (PMG) Walk On London (Travelling)
2013 Hôtel des Arts Mappamundi Toulon, France
2012 Sideways Festival, Death of a Walk, Belgium
2012 London Transport Museum, Mind the Map, London
2012 London Art Fair, Stand 40 TAG Fine Arts & Stand P10 Tenderpixel Gallery London
2011 London Transport Museum, Sense and the City, London [+]
2011 Air Gallery/TAG Fine Arts, The Art of Mapping, London
2011 MAMA Land Art for a New Generation, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2011 LEA New Media Exhibition (Re)Drawing Boundaries, The MIT Press,
2011 Berardo Museum-Foundation Mappamundi, Lisbon, Portugal
2010 Kunstenlab Sporen, Deventer, The Netherlands
2010 UTS Gallery Graphic Material, Sydney, Australia
2010 Mead Gallery Traverse Me, Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick
2010 Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Wish You Were Here, Fort Worth, Texas
2010 Tenderpixel Gallery Mowing the Lawn, London (Solo)
2010 Pace Digital Gallery Map Marking, New York
2010 Kinetica Art Fair Tenderpixel Stand, P3 Gallery, London
2009 NCAD Gallery Space is the Place, International Symposium of Electronic Arts [ISEA 2009] Dublin
2009 Iniva Off the Map, London
2008 Iniva Creative Mapping, London
2008 Tenderpixel Gallery 10x10x10, London
2008 Platform 21 Checking Reality, Amsterdam
2008 Tenderpixel Gallery Slit Scans, London (Solo)
2008 Z33 Place@Space, Hasselt, Belgium
2007 V&A Mapping the Imagination, London
2006 SonarMàtica Always On, Barcelona
2006 <Tag> Geograms, The Hague (Solo)
2006 Curwen & New Academy Hot off the Press, London
2005 ICA Theatre FreQut Westminster Wireless Festival, London
2005 SonarMàtica Randonnée, Barcelona
2004 Kunsthalle Basel Viper, Basel
2004 Brooklyn Museum Spectrolopis, New York
2004 Location is Everything, Internet
2004 Participant Inc. Psy. Geo. Conflux, New York
2004 Museum of Oxford Drawing on Oxford, Oxford (Solo)
2003 Modern Art Oxford Drawing Oxford on Oxford Workshop Display
2003 Oxfordshire Museum Drawing on Oxfordshire, Woodstock (Solo)
2003 ABC No Rio Psycho Geography Conflux, New York
2003 The Lighthouse Common Place Landform Ueda, Glasgow
2003 Millais Gallery Twenty Kinds of Drawing, Southampton
2002 Microwave Int. Media Art Festival Net.Art, Hong Kong
2002 Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery Holding the Line, Reno
2002 Modern Art Oxford Big GPS Draw Workshop Display, Oxford
2002 Spacestation 65 Bathos, London
2002 X-Change Gallery Taking a Line for a Walk, Oxford (Solo)
1998 Galerie Alpha-Jetzt Neulich, Stuttgart
1998 Rheinstahlhalle Object of Time, Stuttgart

2014 English Language Notes Imaginary Cartographies, 52.1, Spring/Summer
2013 Walking and Mapping: Artists as Cartographers (Leonardo Book Series) by Karen O'Rourke ISBN 0262018500
2012 The Landscape Book A look at the Ground by Hajime Ishikawa ISBN 9784864800013
2012 London Underground Maps Art, Design and Cartography by Claire Dobbin ISBN 9781848221048
2011 Mind the Map Mappe, diagrammi e dispostivi cartografici by Lorenza Pignatti ISBN 9788874900589
2011 Visual Complexity Mapping Patterns of Information by Manuel Lima ISBN 9781568989365
2010 Blueprint Magazine Kinetic Art of the Future by Herbert Wright, 08 February
2009 The Cartographic Journal GPS Tracings- Personal Cartographies, November, Vol. 46 No.4 [ + ]
2009 New York Times The Big Draw of a GPS Run, Fashion & Style 20 August
2009 Vision Magazine GPS Drawing, June 2009 (China)
2007 Mapping London:Making Sense of the City, by Simon Foxwell, ISBN13: 978-1-906155-07-0
2007 Visual Communication, by Rick Williams & Julianne Newton, ISBN 13: 978-0-8058-5066-6
2006 Mobile Society Review vol.007 Autumn
2006 Else/Where Mapping by Janet Abrams & Peter Hall, ISBN 0-9729696-2-4
2006 10+1 Grounding: Map-making Body (No. 42)
2004 Ten by Ten Magazine, Volume 3 Number 1
2004 Wraparound Magazine, Spring
2003 New York Times 2003: Year in Ideas; GPS Art, 14 December
2003 Idea x Idea by Gen Taguchi, ISBN 4-901234-35-8
2003 Abweichende Linienfuhrung by Epram (Issue 2&3)
2002 Hvedekorn (Issue 2/02)
2002 Newbiz Balade en GPS: Safari d'artistes June
2002 New York Times Drawing with Countryside as Canvas 01 April
2002 Artforum Hotlist, March
2002 Sunday Times That's Amazing 24 February


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