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A Helicopter Ride

3D render

Location: Oxford, UK
Date: 12/05/01
Track Length: 7.4km
Altitude: 1500ft
Method: Helicopter
Comments: Took off from Cutteslowe Park during the balloon festival and in seven minutes reached and altitude if 1500ft and speeds of 190 kph for £20. Cheaper than bungee-jumping (£45).
The drawing traces the route taken by many that day on the novelty helicopter ride.

GPSograph_3d GPS Shockwave Viewer

The 3-d renders were created in POV-ray ( by parsing the GPS data using the GPSograph.
The render below was to check that the GPS program image aligned itself with the POV-ray rendered image.

3D render

view from above
In the foreground on the left is the A40 east of Oxford.
In the bottom right of the frame is part of Cutteslow Park where the festival took place.
You can see there was still plenty of parking space available in the fields by late-afternoon.

view from passenger seat
The pilots own GPS device was not working that day.
It is mounted above the instrument panel next to the dangling novelty airfreshner.