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Sculptural Skydiving
wingsuit display 360° animation

We collected the data from 19 jumps during an annual two-day wingsuit festival.
We also placed GPS receivers on the two airplanes that transported the jumpers from the drop-zone.

The pilots made wide spiraling tracks ascending towards the drop point above the airfield,
and then made tighter squiggles as they sped down to pick up the next group of jumpers.

side view

From these side views the wingsuit jumps can clearly be identified in the core of the structure.
The whole structure is about 12,000ft high and 10 km wide.

side view

Below is a top view of all the GPS data collected from the two-day festival.

top view

Location: Weston-on-the-green, Oxfordshire, UK
Date: 20-21/07/2002
Jump Altitude: 11-12,000 ft
Method: Flights and Skydives with wingsuits
Royal Air Force Sport Parachute Association is based at RAF Weston-on-the-Green near Bicester in Oxfordshire.
The centre operates at weekends for club skydivers, both military and civilian.

plane loaded with jumpers Many thanks to all those who took part