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Car Accident
Alex Garfitt

Location: Near Oxford, between Shabbington and Ickford, Oxfordshire, UK.
Date: 13/09/2001
Time of day: 17:16:05
Method: 1988 Honda Civic Shuttle 1.5l rotated through 90 degrees into a 1 meter deep ditch

"Conditions were perfect for a GPS Drawing like this - driving in the rain with worn tyres, fresh tarmac (more slippery), and of course a blind bend. The GPS receiver sat neatly in its dashboard mount as I approached a small crest in the road revealing a sharp bend a few yards ahead.

I slammed on the breaks initiating a graceful 20mph skid towards the ditch on the outside corner of the turn. The rear end of the car swung out to deposit the car passenger-side-down in the ditch. A protruding branch shattered the rear passenger-side window. The GPS remained neatly in its dashboard mount, it read 0.0mph. I was not injured and the car was a write off." A. Garfitt

Oxfordshire roads

map of the area, the drive is marked in green
The map from Garmin's Mapsource, the journey (west to east) is lightly marked in green.

Final moments of GPS data:
Header- Position- Time- Altitude- Time - Speed - Course

Trackpoint N51.76236 W1.04926 13/09/2001 17:15:51 00:00:07 54.3 mph 129° true
Trackpoint N51.76123 W1.04677 13/09/2001 17:15:59 00:00:08 59.6 mph 126° true
Trackpoint N51.76065 W1.04550 13/09/2001 17:16:04 00:00:05 48.5 mph 126° true
Trackpoint N51.76058 W1.04542 13/09/2001 17:16:05 00:00:01 20.8 mph 140° true
Trackpoint N51.76058 W1.04542 13/09/2001 17:16:29 00:00:24 0.0 mph 0° true

1988 Honda Civic Shuttle

the ditch