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Wingsuit Skydive
Andy Ford
road track leading towards the jump
Road track leading towards the jump

Location: Centre de Paracaigudisme Costa Brava, Empuriabrava, north-west Spain
Date: 30/12/2001
Jump Time: 14:20:59 - 14:25:00 (from leaving the aircraft to the end of the track)
Line Lengths: Dive = 10.17km - Drive = 13.41
Altitude: 13,234 ft - 71 ft
Method: Skydive with wingsuit and parachute
Comments: Mr. Ford purchased a GPS and then used it when he jumped from an airplane. He wore a wingsuit for greater control during the decent and a parachute to ensure a safe landing.
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tracks from the plane on the right with the freefall
Tracks from the road on the left and the steep freefall with shadow on the right.

top view
Top view