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Four flights from northeast Asia

Flight 1 -
Inchon, Seoul, Korea to Shenyang, China. - 751.5 km
Flight 2 -
Shenyang to Yanji in Eastern China. - 523.8 km
Flight 3 -
Yanji to Beijing. - 1251.7 km
Flight 4 -
Tiajin back to Inchon Seoul, Korea. - 902.8 km

Total Track Length: 3429.8 km
Method: Various Strato-cruisers from Korean Airlines and China Airlines.
Comments: "Had to fight for all the window seats and my arm hurt. Need to build a mount.
Flight 1
: Begining of the track was lost so starts mid way over the yellow sea. As you can see we fly right around North Korea.
Flight 4:
New airport near Seoul is East of Inchon on an island, the map does not show it.." Graham Wood

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