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Glider Flight - Warner Springs
detail with horizon line

map of GPS tracks
This is a map from flight analysis software I have that reads the source data (that includes time) and displays it over a map.
The orange colours show climbing, the blues descending.
Orientate yourself with the large yellow blob labelled Palm Springs towards the top right.

Location: Warner Springs, California, USA
Date: 29/09/01
Track Length: 526 km
Credits: Christopher Ashburn
Method: Pik 3Z
Comments: It's from a soaring flight in a glider from the Southern California area.
This flight's a little free form, but you can see where the spirals are gaining height, and long descending paths gliding from one place to another.
It's about 50 miles top to bottom, so I guess the flight's about 150 miles total in 4 hours. Just a Saturday afternoon pleasure flight.

with altitude exaggeration