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Koichi Mori
Hearth Rate mapped over GPS line

[Yibitsu Lake] [Sweden-Denmark Round Tour] [Triathlon Irago]

Koichi Mori records journeys with a GPS receiver and a heart-rate monitor to capture his physical activities over the earths surface.
The combination of technology and exercise has produced another form of landscaping.

Triathlon Irago 2003_ Swimming, cycling, running

Sweden to Denmark_ On a rented bicycle

Yabitsu Lake Tour_ Cycling in Japan

"When I started this I thought these images could be not only just a track record of physical activities,
but also an artistic expression by using your body as an artistic tool."

We have modified the GPS-o-graph to include his heart rate data in red over the GPS data and can be adjusted an exaggerated.

Links to his work: - Koichi Mori's website in Japanese - Look in "3D images of heart rate jumping on GPS" for more images

The following examples are the Heart Rate GPS images he produces from recording his exercise:
Shonan-daira hill-climb

3 lakes tour

"Heart rate is easiest to control jogging." Koichi Mori