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Type: Border collie cross (01) (02)
Location: Cutteslowe Park, Oxford, UK
Date: 29/03/02
Time: 22:03:12-22:27:28
Track Length: 3.6 km
boris 02 top view

Boris was taken out for an after dinner run-around with the GPS receiver.
He managed to freely explore all four corners of a nearby field and in doing so, it appears that he was running around in the shape of another dog.

Type: Border collie cross (01) (02)
Location: Summerfields School, Oxford, UK
Date: 23/08/01
Time: 15:53:09 - 16:03:33
Track Length: 1.9 km

GPSograph_3d GPS Shockwave Viewer

Boris is a less than one year old Battersea dogs home veteran.
Boris sporting his GPS
He tends to run around very fast in anti-clockwise circles.
He dislikes whippets because he can't understand why they are faster than him.
He is a border collie cross (aka sheepdog) and likes rounding up other border collies.

boris01 with shadow

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