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Single Line Stills
Tracks from stationary positions

Looking at where GPS receivers think they are when they are not moving...

Where to sleep? GPS Sleep 03 During the night

Where to sit? Data Cloud In the park

Where to cook? GPS Barbeque_Barbeque island


Where to eat? GPS Table_ Picnic table



More GPS Signal Tests
Hove, UK
Date: 25/08/2001
The quality of the line changes according to how often the track points are recorded.
The lines start with a low level of accuracy as it takes time to aquire and compute the signals from the satellites.

One to five second intervals respectively:

line001 images Line001 Track length 107 m Elapsed Time 00:19:52 Average Speed 0.3 kph

line002 images Line002 Track length 257.3 m Elapsed Time 01:04:37 Average Speed 0.2 kph

line003 images Line003 Track length 303.7 m Elapsed Time 01:23:54 Average Speed 0.2 kph

line004 images Line004 Track length 232.7 m Elapsed Time 00:34:35 Average Speed 0.4 kph

line005 images Line005 Track length 160.5 m Total Time 00:44:00 Average Speed 0.2 kph


jeremy wood.