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Sketches 2001
Time spent traveling in shapes

Hackney football [10/12/01][Total Distance 3.35km]
Each football pitch made with a single line. [More Pitches]

north - up

5 football pitches

5 football pitches

Lawn 01 [14/08/01][Total Distance 4.07km][Elaspsed Time 01:12:06][Average Speed 3.5km/h]
Riding on a sit-on lawnmower and cutting the grass. [More Lawns]

Made in two parts with different trackpoint settings to effect the quality of line.

Balloon Man [24/10/01][Total Distance 1.59km][Average Speed 3.8km/h]

Port Meadow Pony [02/12/01][Total Distance 3.81km][Average Speed 4.7km/h]

Elapsed time - 00:48:24

Garden Dog [10/07/01][Total Distance 411.7m][Average Speed 3.5km/h]

Elapsed time - 00:06:58


Stone Circle [13/08/01][Total Distance 540.5m][Average Speed 3.8km/h]

Elapsed time - 00:09:21


Orbit point [13/08/01][Total Distance 838.6m][Average Speed 3.1 km/h]

Elapsed time - 00:16:20

jeremy wood.