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The World's biggest 'IF'
The letters for the 'IF' are 70 miles tall.
The font size for the word is equivalent to approximately 319,334,400 points.
The 'IF' mapped onto the UK

This drawing was an attempt to answer the question: What is the world's biggest if?
We eventually resolved to create a considerably big 'IF' of our own with the means at our disposal.

IFUK-big2.jpgThe GPS drawing incorporates Iffley in Oxfordshire, Iford in East Sussex, with Ifield and Ifold in West Sussex.

Location: Southern England, UK
Date: 21/08/02
Total Track Length: 863 km / 537 miles
Method: Car

Aerial-map image

The 'I' took six hours ten minutes and thirty seconds
The 'I' has a total line length of 373 km (232 miles)
The 'F' took 14:54 hours and was made over two days
The 'F' covers 490 km (305 miles) and uses 4/5ths of the M25


Here are some of the sights seen along the way
Iford Church Ifield Road in London Post Office Shop in Iffley, Oxford

Iffley Turn in Oxford Post Office Shop in Ifield near Crawley no through road in Ifold

Ifold shop Jeremy Wood & Hugh Pryor