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Magic Roundabout

The Magic Roundabout consists of five clockwise mini roundabouts in a ring.
There is also an outer clockwise roundabout and an inner anticlockwise roundabout,
perhaps one of the only places in UK where such a structure will be found.

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As you approach the roundabout it becomes apparent that there are a number
of ways of getting to your destination:

You can take the first exit at the first mini roundabout and join the middle
lane towards the second mini roundabout, whereupon you take the second exit.
Repeat this until you are approaching the desired exit mini roundabout,
join the left hand lane and take the first exit. In effect you are orbiting the
outer clockwise roundabout.

Alternatively you can counter-revolve the inner roundabout by taking the
second exit at the first roundabout, and continue taking the first exit in
the left hand lane. To leave you need to get into the right hand lane and
take the second exit.

You can stay on the magic roundabout indefinitely with careful use of the
third exit - treating pairs of roundabouts and their conjoining traffic
islands as roundabouts in themselves.

colour GPS Drawing

wrong driving
We eventually left the roundabout to try and steady our peripheral vestibular system but ended up mapping a car park.

Jeremy Wood & Hugh Pryor