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Mosquito Taxi
stung by the taxi driver

Location: Phra Mane Ground near the Grand Palace, and then a taxi drive east through Bangkok, Thailand.
Date: 19/11/01
Track Length: Mosquito1,355 km, Taxi drive 13.98 km
Method: Foot and Taxi

mosquito in the oval

The mosquito was drawn first in the oval Phra Mane Ground near the Grand Palace.
It is characteristic of one of the very many which bites and sucks blood from men and animals.
This particular one has a poor wingspan for its size.
taxi line leading away from the mosquito
A taxi was hired to drive east through Bangkok, a journey of 13.98 km with an average speed of only 9.7 kph (6 mph).
It took one hour and twenty six minutes and forty eight seconds.

the taxi ride from left to right, ending with the hook

The driver was given an extra tip for sprialing around the destination without being prompted to do so,
thus adding a further 3 km worth of line.

the hook at the end of the taxi ride

kite flying over the area of the mosquito Phra Mane Ground

jeremy wood.