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The Oxford Don
Oxford Don map image aerial image

Complete with pointed nose and stiff upper lip, the Oxford Don was made in three stages:
His eye was drawn lovingly on foot around Farmoor Reservoir (average speed 3.7 kph, max speed 10.1 kph),
his is mouth was a brisk walk along the River Thames (3.5 km and back again).
His profile was drawn by driving along the A34, A338, A415, B4449, and the A40 right through Cornmarket Street in the centre of Oxford.

Location: Oxford, UK
Date: 18/04/01-22/05/01
Track Length: 104.3 km
Method: Mostly by Metro (street legal vehicle), and 11.7 km on foot.
Credits: J. Achavasmit, H. Pryor, C. & G. & J. Wood.

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