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Port Meadow Spider
spider with the Dome

Location: Port Meadow, Oxford, England
Date: 01/04/02 - 04/05/02
Track Length: 34 km
Method: Foot
Credits: Hugh Pryor
Comments: "I was having a recurrent nightmare about spiders and the spider in this nightmare was particularly big.
To add to the magnitude of the somnial anomaly, I was a midge. I was becoming spindled up in thousands of miles of spider silk.
Thankfully I woke up to find that the silk was no more than a duvet of high tog-value, and the spider was a side effect of
a very ripe stilton cheese from the previous evening."

close up

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The Nazca Indians created a collection of land drawings which includes this spider below.
The 1400 year old Nazca Lines were made by selectively removing surface stones from the soft topsoil on the Pampa Colorada in Southern Peru.

Nasca spider
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