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Stolen GPS

My bag got stolen in a pub.  Inside the bag was a GPS receiver that I’d left switched on.
The bag was handed in at a local police station in the early hours of the following morning.
It was mostly emptied of valuables except for the GPS that was still recording.

Stolen GPS Map


1 [20:50:58] Journey towards the John Snow pub
2 [20:52:02] Arrive, lock up bicycle, order drinks and settle down
3 [21:18:17] THEFT! Bag exits pub with GPS still switched on
4 [21:18:51] Turns off Broadwick Street and moves south along Marshall Street
5 [21:19:03] Travels at 6 mph down Marshall Street
6 [21:19:27] Turns off Beak Street and goes along Upper James Street
7 [21:21:09] Bag stops in Golden Square where it remains for two hours and forty minutes
8 [00:09:51] Bag starts moving again going north along Upper James Street
9 [00:10:57] Travels along Beak Street at 3 mph
10 [00:12:15] Pauses at the end of Tenison Court before crossing Regents Street
11 [00:13:11] Bag enters West End Central Police Station where batteries run out 12 hours later

Stolen GPS
Stolen GPS tracks with John Snow's cholera map

GPS Drawing