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Hollywood Tic-Tac-Toe [Photographs]

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I lost spectacularly. It wasn't meant to be that way.

The grid occupies an area of 23.5 sq. miles and we began by driving east along Santa Monica Boulevard.
We then traveled straight past this and that, through many famous areas with well known place names all billowing with clouds of gossip.


We flipped a coin and Graham started with an X at the top left near the 101 Freeway.
Each move was plotted on a map as we drove, and we traveled around each shape in the same order.


GAME OVER after 52 miles of driving.

Special effort was taken to cruise along Sunset Boulevard to mark a victory line across the row of winning X’s.
It took over 4 and a half hours from start to finish..

The full un-edited drawing includes the entrance and exits roads for the game,
and where we looked for lunch and refueled the car.

Location: Hollywood, California, USA
Dates: 14/03/04
Track Length: 85.1 km
Method: Graham's car, it offers minor off-road capability with average on-road handling and acceptable standards of quality and comfort.
Credits: Graham [Driver] & Jeremy [Position Navigator] Wood

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