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Lumphini and Chatuchak Park
Bangkok, Thailand

Lumphini park is south of  Chatuchak park

Lumphini Park
Date: 19/11/01
Track Length: 9.615 km
Method: Foot
Following the footpaths of the park and completed in two lines measuring 6.420 km and 3.195 km.

Lumphini park
Lumphini park

statue of King Rama the 6th in Lumphinee Park

Chatuchak Park
Date: 27/11/01
Track Length: 14.737 km
Method: Foot then bicycle
The long and slim portion was traced on foot, then for a very small fee the larger part was completed with a rented bicycle.

Chatuchak park north up

Chatuchak Park

Chatuchak Park park map

Chatuchak Park bicycle at the start of a course

jeremy wood.