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Headless Stag
With 17.6 miles of paths over 6.157 Acres the maze was designed with two sub-mazes allowing three levels of difficulty.
The final and most complicated level was not open when we arrived to the site, so we were left drawing a headless stag.

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stag drawing
Location: [N50° 44' 47.2" W1° 44' 29.4"] Stewarts GardenLands, Christchurch, Dorset, UK
Time: 12/05/02 (16:08:10-17:15:09)
Track Length: 8.6 km
Average speed: 5.4 kph
Method: On foot
Credits: Hugh Pryor & Jeremy Wood

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start and end point

Hugh Pryor trying to read the map with a flag in his face
On a windy day the 'Help' flags are not very helpful.