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Hickling Drift
Areial GPS map

Location: Norfolk Broads
Total Time: 15:39:31-18:01:12 [16/08/03]
Total Track Length: 9.28km
Method: Explorer 200 inflatable boats

Credits: Hugh Pryor & Jeremy Wood with one boat and one GPS receiver each
map of the drift, north up

We ventured out onto the Norfolk Broads with two inflatable boats and modest means of propulsion.
We paddled upwind to an open area and then starting from approximately the same point we recorded our drift back.
The GPS tracks seen above and below amount to 01:33:33 hours of drifting, each time for about 200-250
metres at an average speed of 1.1 kph, and one of us was slightly aided by wearing a large brimmed hat in the light wind.
map of drift

Below is a full map our paddle starting from the Thurne and then left along Meadow Dyke
and along to the southern end of Heigham Sound where we mostly drifted about.

full map, north up

full map