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Depeche Mode Logo
Digital low-impact Land Artâ„¢ logo remixed by Build & Jeremy Wood

Sounds of the Universe by Depeche Mode.
Download the GPS Drawing (kmz format/Google Earth required)
End use, logo remix postcard set. 27/10/2008

Centre = N51.45740 W1.48481
Line length of each line = 200 meters
Radius of inner circle = 130 meters
Radius of outer circle = 150 meters

Eight Miles of Tracks GPS Drawing






Rainbow Field

Tri-navigation technique using two GPS receivers and a map.



The GPS drawing took three and a half hours and was trouble free. It started dry and sunny and ended with light hale.
Halfway through a farmer rode towards me in the middle of the field on a quad bike to ask what I was doing. 
I told him, and he told me to keep away from the edges because he was spraying slug repellent.

Perspective Trails GPS Data

Location, M4 Junction 14, UK
M4 Junction 14